Alexandra Denisova. Product Manager.


I’m Alex and currently I’m searching for my next place to work at.

Why me?
I’m an experienced Product Manager, skilled in strategic planning and implementation, identifying and promoting product’s value, enhancing product’s positioning.

Have an established record of leading cross-disciplinary teams, fostering a culture of data-driven development with focus on user experience and business value delivery, and rolling up sleeves to get the details right.

A few highlights:

— Grown in fast-paced startup surroundings, I really love the sweet driving chaos of MVPs and their challenges.

— Tempered in enterprise business environment, I’m a go-to person to coordinate business and dev teams in building complex solutions.

— Experience in launcing, developing and bettering web customer services with a billion users base and more than 500K daily active users.

— Product minded, with strong ability to find out real pains behind the designated problems to come up with a long-term and effective solution.

— Excellent ability to prioritize effectively, multitask and achieve objectives within time and budget.

— Strong interpersonal, organizational, problem-solving and analytical abilities; exceptionally self-motivated, responsible and committed; results & performance oriented, data-driven mindset.

— Professionally most interested in Product Growth and Marketing in contemporary web.

— Fluent verbal and written English, with ability to present and articulate to top-management.

Work Experience
Nov 2016 - present @ glomex GMBH
Product Owner
glomex Media Exchange Service is a B2B marketplace for premium video content, born out of the digital division of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, with internationally distributed team in Munich, Kyiv and London.

Being a Product Owner of a crossfunctional Scrum squad, which was focused on developing the customer portal and internal admin tools, I was heavily involved into the operational workflow and tackled major product strategic issues alongside.

— Worked closely with upper management to define crucial business KPIs and come up with functional OKRs for the squad, translated them down and accross; cooperated with all the involved departments to learn, adjust and determine most effective concepts and creatives to become the go-to marketplace for the premium video content for our target audience.

— Gathered requirements, defined the scope of our product releases in accordance to the squad’s OKRs and based on feature’s business value; prioritized and groomed backlog, managed deployments/releases.

— Sucessfully lead an internal project “Mount Everest” which aimed at significant increase of video views (being one of the key metrics for the business) and their conversion to Ad Impressions, having achieved 20% growth in 1,5 months and found leverages to promote the product. Those activities have proven successfull and resulted in founding a new team to evolve this sub-product and continue to unlock new potential approaches to content distribution. The amount of video views has been doubling each month since then.

Oct 2014 - Oct 2016 @ VicMan Software
Product Manager
Launched and continuously worked on company’s internal products, often simultaneously, managing both conceptual & strategic product activities and the development cycle.

— Owned product’s vision, launching and growth strategies, conducted various internal and external analysis to help iteratively validate product’s VP/USP, PoD, audience, growth channels and business model. MVP was at core of everything we did, making trade-offs between customer experience, site performance, operational load and product’s OKRs (but always based on product’s North Star).

— Shaped products’ roadmaps and translated them into the backlog, establishing and organizing workflows and sync between teams (with a focus on Design, QA, SMM & Marketing, User support and Copywriting activities); wrote various product deliverables (user stories, feature requirements, user flows, testing concepts, etc.).

— Identified, tracked, analyzed, translated and reported product OKRs; gathered, ordered and interpreted quantitative feedback; conducted continuous a/b testing, conversion & funnel optimization on both micro and macro levels.

— Hired, trained and mentored teammates to create a motivated and aligned Product Team with a full product vision and understanding of business values and goals; promoted an internal culture of transparency, accountability and personal growth. Adapted the Lean Business Canvas to be more comprehensible and suitable to our context, designed a feature development quality framework, performed a research on company’s management efficiency.

Aug 2014 - Mar 2015 @
Product Designer Mate is one of the most successful Ukrainian resources to hire or look for a job in IT.

Helped to form product vision, it’s UX and aesthetic representation, worked on several features (candidate’s resume & chat improvements, mostly) which have increased customers’ engagement and loyalty, collaborated on forming VP & marketing strategy of the product.

Nov 2010 - Oct 2014 @ VicMan Software
Design Team Lead
Managed a team of designers to create new product features and improve usability of existing interfaces, perfected visual and interaction design and information architecture based on continuous A/B tests to improve UX metrics.

Performed UX research, produced UX deliverables and artifacts to better drive the internal adoption of design-driven and data-based iterative software development process, resulting in improved UI/UX consistency, more efficient engineering, higher product quality. Promoted to Product Manager.

Jan 2010 - Nov 201o @ Zennex
Freelance UX & Product Designer
Product concepts for both internal and external projects, primarily mobile apps; Mobile layouts, interaction design, information architecture and user flow; facilitated strategic, customer-centric decisions with stakeholders.

Oct 2008 - Feb 201o @ Jump Ukraine
Web Projects Manager
Strategizing, curating design, dev and marketing activities for company’s web projects: discovery engine for mobile videos and B2B platform for IP telephony.

Dec 2011 @ Coursera
Scott Klemmer’s Human-Computer Interaction course

2000 - 20005 @ Minsk State Linguistic University
Bachelor’s degree in English Language and literature

I’m 34 and live in Kyiv, Ukraine with my husband, daughter and cat Max.

Visit my LinkedIn profile

Write me at

Call me +38 (098) 938-8483.

Last but not least
I do have some expectations from my future job:

— I aim to work on long-term projects in a fast paced data-driven environment.

— I’m interested on working on internal company product - no outsource, no client work.

— B2C product preferably with some deep involvement into communicating and supporting end users.

— I would rather be involved more deeply in strategic product development, than operational management.


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